PR during the Writers Strike

10 PR Survival Tips for Promoters During the Hollywood Strike

by Cynthia Lieberman, LieberComm


In an industry heavily reliant on actors and writers for promotion and PR, dealing with a WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike can be challenging.

Here are 10 ways to successfully promote the launch of your entertainment projects effectively without directly involving your stars or writers:

  1. Leverage User-Generated Content: Engage fans to create and share their own content related to the film or show. Organize social media challenges or contests, encouraging fans to showcase their creativity. Utilize trending music and social trends to enhance your reach. Share the best submissions on official channels, creating a sense of community and generating buzz.
  2. Virtual Premiere: Embrace technology by hosting a unique virtual premiere experience. Provide select attendees with an exclusive opportunity to view the first episode and participate in interactive elements tied to the show. This innovative approach will attract both audience and media attention.
  3. Partner with Influential Bloggers and Online Reviewers: Collaborate with influential bloggers and critics in the television industry. Offer them exclusive early access to episodes, behind-the-scenes content, or interviews with the production team. Their reviews and discussions will amplify interest and generate media coverage.
  4. Thematic Advertisements and Promos: Develop captivating advertisements that capture the essence of the show without giving away too much. Use thematic imagery and compelling storytelling techniques to create intrigue and pique curiosity. Distribute these ads across television, online publications, and social media platforms for maximum reach.
  5. Community Outreach: Connect the launch of the TV show or movie with a relevant cause or community outreach event. Consider partnering with charitable organizations or addressing social issues connected to the show’s theme. This alignment can attract media attention and generate coverage for both the event and the series.
  6. Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences: Embrace the immersive world of AR to create unique experiences related to the entertainment project. Develop an app that allows fans to unlock exclusive content by scanning specific images or locations. The novelty of AR can capture the media’s interest and generate buzz around the show.
  7. Exclusive Previews: Offer exclusive previews or behind-the-scenes content to selected media outlets. This can be in the form of sneak peeks, interviews with the production team, or unique access to set locations. The exclusivity factor will generate anticipation and result in substantial media coverage.
  8. Strategic Sponsorship: Seek partnerships with brands that align with them of the film or the TV series. Incorporate product placements or sponsorship deals within the show, offering a broader platform for promotion. The association with established brands can attract media attention and increase the show’s visibility.
  9. Social Media Countdown: Create a countdown on social media leading up to the premiere. Each day, share intriguing clues, teasers, or character introductions to build anticipation and engage the audience. Encourage followers to share and discuss, amplifying the online buzz and potentially leading to increased media coverage.
  10. Interactive Website: Develop an interactive website or web experience that immerses visitors in the movie or TV series world. Incorporate games, puzzles, quizzes, or an interactive storyline to engage users. This unique digital experience will become a talking point, attracting media attention and fueling anticipation for the premiere. / LieberComm

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