Cynthia Lieberman is a recognized brand, content, and media relations expert with more than 20 years of experience in entertainment, education, digital tech, and philanthropy. A results-driven, strategic brand steward, she is best known for delivering distinctive interactive marketing, media and PR campaigns that drive awareness, enhance brand loyalty, and build stakeholder engagement across multiple pillars.

Her extensive media industry experience has contributed to the decade-long success of LieberComm, a content marketing and digital media strategy firm servicing the complex demands of Fortune 100 clients in the ever- evolving fields of entertainment, philanthropy, technology, and education.

A true storyteller at heart, Cynthia’s expanded talents include content creation, public speaking, corporate communications and providing public commentary on topics related to the impact of media on human behavior.

Cynthia resides in Los Angeles and enjoys mentoring young talent online as a professor at the University of Texas at Austin on Discoverability: How to Get Found in Hollywood, and courses in Social Media Marketing, Entertainment PR a Influencer Marketing for UCLA.