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LieberComm helps build brand credibility, reputation and awareness in the publications and media outlets your audience trusts the most, and in doing so, influence them in very profound ways.

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About Cynthia Lieberman

Cynthia Lieberman is a recognized brand, content, and media relations expert with more than 20 years of experience in entertainment, education, digital/social media marketing, and PR. A results-driven, strategic brand steward, she is best known for delivering distinctive interactive marketing, media and PR campaigns that drive awareness, enhance brand loyalty, and build stakeholder engagement across multiple pillars.

The LieberComm Advantage

When you hire LieberComm to build your company’s brand story, you get more than just a strategist.

You get the personal guidance and Hollywood marketing expertise of Cynthia Lieberman. Backed by two decades of experience elevating the profiles of top talent and projects, Cynthia understands that a company’s brand or project is not just being a recognized name or place. It is about creating trust, understanding, and forming a personal connection with the direct audience you want to engage with.


Impactful Storytelling • Meaningful Press Coverage • Content Marketing • Social Media Marketing • Influencer Marketing • Strategic Brand Development • Experiential + Event Marketing • Integrated Marketing

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