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LieberComm merges every element of content to tell a seamless story. Services range from website content, social and digital PR campaigns, to long-form thought leadership articles, whitepapers, eBooks, and more.

We build out strategic social calendars and draft content that’s timely, interesting, and spreadable. We then work with in-house teams to publish this content or we post the content from you from your channels.

We can also work closely with your key brand stakeholders to understand the types of socia media engagement your digital footprint is creating and craft responses for specific types of comments, questions, tweets, and messages from your audience.

Strategy & Planning

A successful public relations campaign starts with a clear, thoughtful strategy that supports each clients’ unique business objectives. We offer a 360 degree view of our clients’ brands, industries, competitors, and the overall news climate to design influential PR programs with detailed road maps for how and when goals and objectives can be met.

Impactful storytelling

Good storytelling–and good PR–includes a story with a clear, consistent message.

LieberComm partners with clients to hone in on captivating messages that aligns with goals, reflects the company’s identity, and resonates with target audiences.  We then craft brand stories that are authentic and captivating, finding unique angles that resonate with your target market.

Meaningful coverage

Once your brand story is crafted, we get it into the right hands, with the right voice. We constantly monitor today’s 24/27 news cycles, and media trends to maximize every media opportunity as it happens. We then seek out appropriate digital and mainstream media and outlets that align with your values and are trusted by your audience.

Social and Digital PR

To succeed as a brand, company, or organization, you need to know how to leverage different social channels to reach your audience with compelling, informative, and engaging social content. We evaluate your existing digital footprint, discuss your ultimate communications goals and objectives, and develop a social content strategy that is customized for your needs. We then ensure we deliver the appropriate message on the channels with a social media strategy and playbook that has been crafted specifically for your brand.

Press Releases

The purpose of a press release has evolved over the years, but it is still a useful tool for succinctly communicating company news with the media. They validate the information being diseminated and help ensure accuracy in communications. Working hand in hand with clients, we draft and distribute compelling, media-friendly press releases that are written and distributed to the most appropriate reporters for timely coverage.


We’re passionate about digging into the core of what makes brands special and crafting stories that drive meaningful audience engagement, change culture and scale businesses.

Our ability to create compelling stories multiplied by our deep rolodex of media relationships and industry expertise that ranges from entertainment to healthcare, to entertainment and top-tier brands. Every campaign is designed to reach the targeted media and influence audiences in a way that opens minds, change hearts and moves people to action.

The first step is to have a detailed interview with our clients. You talk, we listen. We take notice of your values, objectives, desires, and short-term goals. We then complete a SWOT analysis, identify product and service gaps, and review previous the performances of previous campaigns. We then create a tailored marketing strategy based on the needs and goals expressed during our discovery call. At the end of the first month, we circle back to review the results and discuss any necessary adjustments before proceeding with the next phase of the strategy.